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Trust is something we all need . . . 

Our unique system allows individuals to join, get verified, display an ID badge online, build reviews and gain trust - it's simple and FREE!

for individuals

The internet is the place to buy, post an advert, connect 
with old friends, make new ones, pursue passions, find a job
or even love. 

By joining us you will:   

  • Prove you are who you say you are
  • Check out those you interact with online 
  • Be part of a verified online community 
  • Build reviews and therefore trust online

More info on how to become advertSAFE or Join now 

for websites

With so many fake adverts and profiles online, it's 
important to give internet users a chance to prove they are
genuine and gain trust they deserve. 

It's free, quick & easy to take part and:

  • Prove that your site is safer to use
  • Offer optional verification to users for more trust 
  • Get listed in our partners directory 
  • Encourage our verified members to use your site 

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