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07 March 2013

How Online Identity Verification Protects your ID

Online identity verification can help you avoid online fraud including identity theft. One of the problems with the Internet is hackers and other con artists can easily steal your information and claim it as their own. Regardless of how good a site is, there is a chance that hackers can obtain your information and use it for scamming and conning others.

Your online identity is part of who you are, how you conduct business and even how your interact with friends and family. Whether you purchase products online, use social media or search for work online, the best identity protection measures need to be in place to keep you safe and to protect your identity.

Online identity protection
One of the many reasons to undergo an online identity verification process is to ensure that others are not able to use your information. Scammers and con artists can use your personal information to apply for credit cards, purchase goods and services in your name or maybe file a bogus tax return in your name. These are common things you have to protect yourself against. Online fraud protection starts with you making sure that your information is validated and secured.  You can do this easily by verifying your id at advertSAFE. This is the first step.

Protecting personal information
One of the biggest challenges of doing business online is protecting your personal information. This includes your name, address, telephone number – and worse yet, it may include your credit card information.  Before you disclose ANY personal information, make sure you know exactly who is getting the information, what the information will be used for and how it is stored. The first step: Who is easy: Have any sellers verify their identity at advertSAFE. 

Profiles, portfolios and potential problems
One of the challenges that you can face when you open an online account is oftentimes, your photo is associated with the profile. Ironically enough, if you chance your picture, you may forget to update it across your sites. One of the benefits of using advertSAFE is you can place your badge on your sites and you are identified immediately whether the photo is old or new. However, one of the challenges you are going to face with posting profiles and portfolios is the risk of theft. Like it or not, there are some folks out there who are going to clip your information and your work and use it as their own. This is why it is so critical to have your profile verified: Your information is verified and it's harder for people to claim your profile or portfolio as their own.

Protecting yourself from ID theft is important. Being able to use an online identity verification system helps you protect your ID from theft. Get verified today at advertSAFE and encourage those you interact with online to follow through and verify their id. You'll be protecting yourself in a number of ways but most importantly, you'll be verifying who you are and protecting your personal ID.


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