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12 March 2013

Warning Signs of Internet Dating Scams

Now spring has sprung, love is in the air and online dating continues apace. Traditionally, post-Christmas sees the most increases in new members of online dating sites, so it’s a good time for us to post about how to spot internet dating scams.

Being the subject of an internet dating scams can be expensive in both financial cost and confidence and we want you to avoid both. Read this article and take care when trying to find love online.

Danger Signs of Online Dating Scams

If you’re fortunate enough to gain a lot of attention through your online dating profile, you’re going to want to filter the wheat from the chaff and only respond to the most likely candidates.
Here is what to look for in dating profile replies:

Poor standards of English – A potentially non-English reply is fine, unless they are a Nigerian scammer or Chinese fraudster. Taken alone isn’t necessarily indicative of a fraudster, but makes it worth being careful until you’re sure.

Different writing styles between replies – This can be hard to detect unless you’re looking for it, but your subconscious is much more effective at telling you something isn’t right. If your email replies look and feel like they are from different people, they may be. They could be part of the same group reeling you in for a scam.

New emails appear once you reply bearing no relation to the one you sent – A classic sign of an autoresponder, which is a favourite tool of the scammer. The same could be said for email replies that ignore large parts of your own. At the most, you want to meet someone who is interested in you and at worst you want to avoid scammers.

Being pressed from personal information too early – While we all like to know who we’re dealing with online, asking for too much too soon could be a warning sign of someone attempting online dating fraud. 

Be circumspect with whom you’re sharing information and never, ever share identifiable or financial information online. Anyone worthy of your time while online dating should be much more interested in you than your information, so be aware.

We do have to say that none of these warning signs are definitive. Not everyone has a good standard of written communication, some people are more full-on than others and others let their desires get the better of them. However, they are all signs that your quest to find love online may not be going to plan. 

If you spot any of these internet dating scams or even signs of a scam while dating online, just be careful. Sound them out, ask specific questions in your emails and go with your gut. It can often be much more perceptive than our conscious mind. You can always ask them to get verified at advertSAFE to reassure you. It's free to send them a verification request. 


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