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27 January 2013

Be Safe Online and Get Verified with advertSAFE

Nowadays, it’s really hard to imagine a world without the internet. Virtually all aspects of our lives are centered or geared towards it in one way or another. Retailers worldwide are constantly posting historic records of online activity on their websites, because buyers are frequenting their storefronts less and less while shopping online more and more.

More romantic relationships are being sparked and rekindled online today than in any other avenue on the entire globe.  However, even with the beauty and the mouthwatering fruits of the internet, all of us still hear that silent inner  voice warning us of caution before striking a deal or when in the middle of striking a deal online.
Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.  Such were the words of Isaac Watts, a very prolific songwriter and logician of English descent who lived in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century.  Surprisingly his words are still gold and true today as they were in those times, proving the fact that human nature still remains the same despite the turn of the ages.  To help humanity with this issue of trust, advertSAFE, a pioneering online verification company, is keeping up with the demands of our times by providing a much-needed online verification service that allows anyone to get verified and win the trust of all that he or she is seeking to reach.  On their website, any internet user can have his or her identity verified or to request a potential client or date to have their identification verified.
How to get verified by advertSAFE is very fast, simple and straightforward guaranteeing to everyone that any advert that bears or displays the advertSAFE badge or certificate on it, is a legitimate verified advert posted by a verified advertiser.  Online identity check and age verification are rapidly becoming a standard for many especially with the alarming growth of scams and internet fraud especially targeted to the most naive and unprotected.  Therefore being asked to verify my identity or to verify your identity by a legitimate online acquaintance should really be the order of the day due to the nature of the online environment today.  There is no reason why any online advert should not have an advertSAFE badge because it’s free to get one.  Currently gaining popularity in the social media networks, advertSAFE badge really is a must-have for any serious internet user out there. 


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