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Social media and staying safe on the internet 

Facebook safety

Social media and staying safe on the internet

With the advent of social media the world has certainly become a much smaller place. People can meet new friends, interact with old ones as well as family based all over the world. As well as the many benefits this has brought, there is also the danger posed by those who create fake profiles.

Being able to trust someone online is important for social interaction and so you would only want to deal with users who are who they state they are. In order to promote chat room safety, advertSAFE has devised a verification scheme where people can sign up and authenticate their details.

Anyone displaying the badge has been checked and their profile is genuine as far as it’s possible to tell. As part of the verification process, advertSAFE performs automatic identity verification from public records and manual verification of documents you send in. This double verification approach ensures anyone who displays a genuine advertSAFE badge has been weighed, measure and certainly not found wanting, with their identity anyway.

This is ideal for social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms where identity can be easily obfuscated . With millions of users worldwide, Facebook safety is incredibly important and so advertSAFE can offer peace of mind to those engaging with other users on the popular social media site.

If you want to be taken seriously on social media or ensure chat room safety for your family, advertSAFE is ideal. By becoming verified, you can put your badge on your social media profiles and everyone can see that you are who you say you are without seeing lots of personal information. That’s the perfect balance of privacy and security as far as we’re concerned!

Chat room safety is especially important for children. While their ambitions far outweigh their ability to cope, it’s the parent’s job to ensure they are both protected and aware of the risks they are exposed to while in a chat room. While advertSAFE can’t influence how your family behaves online, our blog regularly posts hints and tips on chat room safety and other online security subjects. So not only do we assist directly by providing identity authentication for chat room safety, we also help indirectly by offering the benefit of our experience too!